Code (dec) Code (hex) Function Corresponding key(s)
0 00H   CTRL + @
1 01H header at input/output of graphic characters CTRL + A
2 02H move cursor to the top of the previous word CTRL + B
3 03H end the input-waiting state CTRL + C
4 04H   CTRL + D
5 05H delete below cursor CTRL + E
6 06H move cursor to the top of the next word CTRL + F
7 07H speaker output (same as the BEEP statement) CTRL + G
8 08H delete a character before cursor CTRL + H or BS
9 09H move to next horizontal tab stop CTRL + I or TAB
10 0AH line feed CTRL + J
11 0BH home cursor CTRL + K or HOME
12 0CH clear screen and home cursor CTRL + L or CLS
13 0DH carriage return CTRL + M or RETURN
14 0EH move cursor to the end of line CTRL + N
15 0FH   CTRL + O
16 10H   CTRL + P
17 11H   CTRL + Q
18 12H insert mode ON/OFF CTRL + R or INS
19 13H   CTRL + S
20 14H   CTRL + T
21 15H delete one line from screen CTRL + U
22 16H   CTRL + V
23 17H   CTRL + W
24 18H   CTRL + X or SELECT
25 19H   CTRL + Y
26 1AH   CTRL + Z
27 1BH   CTRL + [ or ESC
28 1CH move cursor right CTRL + \ or RIGHT
29 1DH move cursor left CTRL + ] or LEFT
30 1EH move cursor up CTRL + ^ or UP
31 1FH move cursor down CTRL + _ or DOWN
127 7FH delete character under cursor DEL



Cursor movement

Sequence Function
<ESC> A move cursor up
<ESC> B move cursor down
<ESC> C move cursor right
<ESC> D move cursor left
<ESC> H move cursor home
<ESC> Y <Y-coordinate+20H> <X-coordinate+20H> move cursor to (X, Y)

Edit, delete

Sequence Function
<ESC> j clear screen
<ESC> E clear screen
<ESC> K delete to end of line
<ESC> J delete to end of screen
<ESC> L insert one line
<ESC> M delete one line


Sequence Function
<ESC> x4 set block cursor
<ESC> x5 hide cursor
<ESC> y4 set underline cursor
<ESC> y5 display cursor